Top 5 Eclectic Travel Essentials

Summer is here, schools are out, and Vacation Season has officially begun! Before you go galavanting off on some grand adventure, it’s important to stock up on the essentials! What are these essentials, you ask? Worry not, intrepid reader! The ECB is here with a list of items to help ensure you’re ready for whatever the open road throws your way!

Insect Repellant

Nothing puts a damper on an outdoor excursion quite like a swarm of biting insects. They can be especially hazardous if you’re visiting foreign territories, as mosquitos are responsible for spreading more diseases than any other creature. For the sake of your family, your traveling companions, and yourself; Be sure to bring enough bug spray to go around.


Body Butter

Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, and the intensity of the sun can all vary based on location, and wreak havoc on your skin. Having dry, itchy skin during a long car trip or flight is a truly miserable experience, meaning it’s never a bad idea to include a tin of body butter as a precaution.


Lip Balm

Those same environmental factors that can wreck your skin, go double for your lips. Your lips are not only extremely sensitive, they’re also the intermediary between any food you put in your mouth. Having chapped lips can put a damper on even the finest dining, so it’s important to always have a trusted lip balm on hand.


Sugar Scrub

It’s often not possible to maintain our normal hygiene routines while traveling, which can cause dirt, oil, and dead skin to accumulate on our bodies. To help relieve the irritation this can cause, it’s a good idea to bring along a gentle exfoliant, such as a sugar scrub.


After Sun Balm

Year after year, more studies come out about the hazardous effects that the sun’s UV Rays can have on our health. While sun screen is a valuable tool to help prevent these issues, it isn’t 100% effect. If you’re planning to incorporate “Fun in the Sun” to your vacation plans, an After Sun Balm is an excellent way to help ensure your family’s heath and happiness.


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