Upcycling at Eclectic Chic Boutique



At The Eclectic Chic Boutique we have taken the initiative to be more eco friendly and promote sustainability. Working with our local clothing designers and fabric artists we have created a program where customers can bring in their clothing or other fabric items and have them repaired, repurposed, or redesigned. Our goal is to reduce waste and help create new opportunities for the artists we work with. We can do consultations in person at our boutique in Montclair, or over Zoom.


Make the old new again by having your clothing or fabric items repaired or repurposed. Have holes, stains, or worn spots patched and stylized. Have a favorite bag be turned into a one-of-a-kind fashion tote. Turn that dress you wore once into a casual outfit you can wear for any occasion. Take a worn out sweater and have it turned into a pillow. The possibilities are endless.


Getting tired of your wardrobe? Things don't fit the way they should? Want to wear something fresh and new? Have your clothing redesigned! Bring in your tops, jeans, and skirts and have them redesigned to the latest fashion trends. Work with a local clothing designer who can tailor your clothes to your body shape and tastes. No need to throwaway or donate your unfashionable clothes.


Have a favorite shirt or pair of jeans that fits you just right? Prolong its life by having it be repaired or updated. Clothing or fabric items that have been stained, torn, or worn out from years of wear can be given new life with some creative patchwork, embroidery, and some styling. Our makers can help you put a creative twist on a only favorite.


Did you know that:

  • The average consumer bought 60% more clothing in 2014 than in 2000, but kept each garment half as long

  • On average Americans are throwing away 81 lbs of textiles per person per year

(Source: https://www.newstandardinstitute.org/)

Keeping your clothes, purses, and other fabric items helps to reduce pollution on land and the ocean. Updating and repurposing saves you money because you don't need to replace them.


Kids grow up fast, and having to purchase new clothes as kids grow can get expensive. Bring in some of your child's favorite clothes and have them turned into new fashion and home décor pieces that kids can wear for years.

Here are some fun ideas:

  • Have a shirt into a dress with some fun patchwork
  • Turn a few pairs of jeans into a new denim jacket
  • Have a few shirts turned into a cute pillow
  • Take baby sized bed sheets and curtains be turned into a skirt or button up shirt.
  • The possibilities are endless!


  1. Fill out the contact form below. Let us know if you would like to come in for an in-person consultation or if you would like to schedule a Zoom meeting.

  2. Designer and customer will discuss what alterations, designs, and repairs will be needed for the item. Customer will be given a estimated cost for the work and materials needed, as well as a breakdown of the work to be done. Customer will approve of the work and pay a deposit for the work to be started. Once the design is finished the designer will give the final amount for the finished work. If there is a balance, the customer is responsible for the difference.

  3. All clothing or fabric items must be clean (washed & dried) before dropping off or shipping to the boutique.  Customer is responsible for shipping costs.

  4. Once the work is completed, photos will be sent to the customer for approval before having the item scheduled for pickup or return shipping

  5. If the customer is not satisfied with the final design or the design is unable to be completed, the final balance will be waived.


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