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Engage in hands-on crafting and explore new ideas, experiment with different materials, and turn your visions into tangible works of art! Book a Private Class or Party with us here using our class catalog below. If you want to check out classes on our schedule check out our Class Calendar.

In Person & Virtual Craft Classes

Learn a new craft or hone your skills with our private craft classes. Choose from a variety of classes, including knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, and more. Our experienced instructors will teach you everything you need to know, and you'll have the undivided attention of your instructor so you can ask questions and get help as needed. Our private craft classes are the perfect way to learn a new skill, relax and de-stress, or spend time with friends and family.

Private Craft Class FAQs

Browse our catalog for available classes. Click on the "View Class" button to read the class details. Scroll to the bottom of the class details and click on the "Request Class" button to reveal the Request Form. Fill out the Request Form to request a class. Once a class request is received, once of our team members will check the teacher's availability. Our team member will then reach out to you with booking details.

Almost all of our craft classes have In Person and Virtual options. Browse our catalog for available classes and click on the "View Class" button to read the class details to check if the class is available In Person or Virtual.

Class minimums are listed in the class listings. Click on the "View Class" button to view a class's details. Almost all private classes have a minimum of 1 participant.

For In Person classes our classroom space can host up to 12 people comfortably. For larger groups we recommend you book a venue and we can set up the class at the venue. There is a $50 travel fee for a teacher to come to your venue.

For Virtual classes we can host up to 100 people (including the teacher and moderator). For classes larger than 100 we recommend doing a webinar style class, to prevent bandwidth issues.

All craft classes list what age groups the class is appropriate for. Some classes will have notes about specific age groups as well. A general rule of thumb is a participants age 5 and under require adult supervision.

In Person Classes can be held in our classroom at our Montclair, NJ boutique. Our classroom can hold up to 12 participants comfortably. You are also welcome to bring food and beverages to your session. You will need to provide your own utensils, plates, and paper goods. If you need space for more than 12 participants we recommend booking a venue and we bring the activity to your space.

Yes we can come to your venue so long as it is within 10 miles of Montclair, NJ. Venues that are father are considered on a case by case basis. There is a $50 one time travel fee for teachers to come to your location.

Virtual Classes are held on Zoom. All virtual classes are live and include 1 teacher and 1 moderator. The teacher will facilitate the class, and the moderator will address technical issues, help answer questions in the chat, and act as teacher support.

You can request either a Virtual Class with a DIY Kit, meaning we ship the materials to you, or a Virtual Class with Shopping List, in which you acquire the materials for your class. The DIY Kit will include essential materials, ingredients or tools for your class; but may still require some common household items (scissors, pen, etc) or household appliances (stove, microwave, etc).

Be sure to read the class details before requesting a class. The shipping fee for the DIY Kit will vary depending on where you are located. Your class is eligible for free shipping if there are 10 or more participants in a class.

Yes you can. Be aware of the time zone when you are requesting a class. The majority of our teachers are located in the EST time zone. DIY Kits shipped outside of the USA are subject to international shipping fees. Recipients are responsible for any Duty Fees or taxes associated with receiving their shipments.

We recommend a 2 to 3 week window for shipping your DIY kit, especially around peak holidays. We also don't ship DIY Kits international if they contain perishable ingredients.