Vendor Dashboard: Variable Product Listings

So you’re an approved ECB vendor, you have set up your Vendor Dashboard, and you have created a Simple Product Listing. Congrats! Now you can try creating a Variable Product Listing.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a Variable Product Listing on the ECB website. A Variable Product is a product that has multiple different versions, such as coffee mugs that have a variety of different phrases printed on them, or items that come in different colors and sizes.

NOTE: Be sure to read the Simple Product Tutorial BEFORE reading this one, as this tutorial assumes you’re already familiar with the information the previous tutorial contains.

You can watch this handy video we created. Or you can scroll down to the step-by-step tutorial.

Creating a Variable Product Listing

For this tutorial, we’ve created a sample product listing, which is still set to “Simple”.

Begin by clicking “Product Type”, and change the setting from “Simple” to “Variable”

Set “Stock Quantity” to the Total number of items available. As in, the sum of all variations. For example: If an item has 2 variations, one of which has a stock of 2, and the other has a stock of 3, you would set “Stock Quantity” to 5.

Item Variations are added in the “Attribute and Variation” section.

Select “Add Attribute” to create a new attribute for your product.

Enter a Name for your attribute under “Name”

Click “Used for variations”

Click “Save Attribute”, then wait for it to finish loading.

Click “Add variations”, select “Create variations from all attributes”, then click “Go”

Select “Ok” on the popup window

This will create a product variation for each attribute value, which you will then need to assign further information to individually.

You will need to do the following for each variation:

Select the Image that displays the variation

Add a SKU number. We recommend taking the SKU of the product entry, add a “-”, then adding a number that increases with each variation. Remember: Each SKU variation must be unique.

Add a price under “Regular price”, even if all the variations have the same price.

Click “Manage stock” to track the stock of this variation.

Set the number of items of this variation under “Stock quantity”. If it’s a unique item, set “Stock quantity” to 1.

Repeat these steps for each variation.

Once all the variations have been added, click “Save Variations”

Finally, scroll to the bottom, and click “Save Product”

Variable Product Published

Congrats on creating a variable product! We hope you found our tutorial helpful. If you have any questions reach out to us at