Our Top 3 Tips For Choosing a Great Gift For Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start looking for that perfect Mother’s Day Gift! Not sure where to start looking for one? Well good news: The ECB has got your back! Before we go into some more specific suggestions, we felt it would be a good idea to remind everyone of some of the most important principles of gift-giving.

1. Every Mom is Unique

With the way Mothers and Motherhood get generalized and mythologized in popular culture, it can be easy to forget: Moms are people too. Rather than getting hung up on finding things that ‘mothers’ like, try to hone in on what Your mother likes. Just because a gift is unconventional, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad fit, especially if it shows just how well you know her. There are few things in the world quite as touching as knowing that someone really understands who you are, especially when that person is someone you helped raise.

2. Look for Gifts You Can Enjoy Together

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, and that can be used in collaboration with a physical gift to create a truly memorable experience. Giving her a piece of clothing or jewelry? Take her out for a walk in the park or trip downtown, so she has an occasion to wear it! Getting her a sweet treat? Make it a sampler platter you can taste-test together! Getting her a piece of room decor that has some sentimental value? (It could be a framed family portrait, or even a poster of her favorite band.) Take the opportunity for a conversation, and reminisce about times gone by.

3. It Really IS The Thought That Counts

The old adage is true, but not necessarily in the way you think it is. It’s often used in the pejorative sense, functioning as a police euphemism for “at least you remembered to get Something”. The true, non-pessimistic meaning of the statement is: “I think, therefore I care.” So for all of you stressing about getting the “perfect” Mother’s Day gift; The mere fact that you care enough to look for something she’ll really like, is the greatest gift she could ever ask for.

Need Ideas?

If you are stumped for ideas, try these:

  • Check out our Mothers Day Gift sections of our shop
  • Get Mom a Gift Card, so she can choose her favorite things
  • Book a Craft Class for mom as a gift or take the class together to make fun memories!

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